Sunday, September 16, 2007

stairlift to heaven

So 70s perm posers Led Zeppelin are doing a one-off gig - and they've sold a ticket!

Oh dear. It's quite disturbing to think that out there somewhere there is some sad old git that's still willing to fork out the £3.50 to see these sleep inducing dinosaurs. One of them is even officially DEAD!

Get this, Led Zeppelin were NEVER cool, even in the 70s when tight perms and tighter trousers were still legal. Their music was utter CRAP right from the beginning, and just got worse. They represented everything that was terrible about the 70s - progressive music, racism, IRA tank tops, no cash, no future ...

Whilst the rest of us struggled to scrape a living these talentless toffs churned out 'music' that could send a Pennie of the Automatic to sleep.

So let's wish Zeppelin and their fan a great evening of turgid sentimental posing. I shall see instead Enter Shikari, Bonde do Role and Reverend and the Makers.
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