Wednesday, October 10, 2007

kylie krap

So Local radio forced me to listen to Kylie's comeback single today. They had people ringing up and texting in whether they actually liked it or not.
It's going to be a hit with the old sympathy vote no doubt. But it was a vile replica of a Gwen Stefani, Alison Goldfrapp Hybrid.
Pop music really riles me ATM. I used to like some pop. It was easy throwaway and fun, but just lately it's plain tedious.
As for my local GWR radio station, well they have one of the worse DJ's (behind Chris Moyles) I have ever heard. He actually thinks the Maroon 5 single is the single of the year... I cannot believe that man has a job in music.
Hmmm I HAVE to listen to him to get the damn traffic reports, Bristol really is a bad place to drive in.
Who are we listening to ATM then?
The Reverend and The Makers "The State of Things"
Timbaland "Shock Value"
And a mammoth portion of The Klaxons... I can't get enough of those weird silver lovely boys......

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